Queensland University Online Course For IELTS

Queensland University Online Course For IELTS Test Preparation

Queensland University Online Course For IELTS Test Preparation

Queensland University Online Course For IELTS – is the most popular English test in the world for those who wish to study in higher education in an English-speaking country.

This IELTS course will prepare you to take the IELTS academic tests with confidence. You will immediately have access to over 80 hours of interactive practice material covering each of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This innovative preparation course was designed and written by experienced English teaching professionals from the University of Queensland, an IELTS test center and one of the world’s leading learning centers. All course writers have extensive experience allowing students to achieve their IELTS academic goal of entering a university where English is the main language.

Each section of this course includes engaging multimedia presentations examining key skills, strategies and testing techniques. These are accompanied by a wide variety of authentic IELTS-style exercises and interactive activities that provide targeted practice of the skills, strategies and techniques you need to perform at your best.

In the new version of this IELTS preparation course, you will find a number of improvements to an already successful formula. The course appears with new videos and improvements to the explanation of the answers as well as a number of new and engaging practice activities. Significantly, we have responded to requests from existing users to provide more comprehensive comments on your writing using several new features.

As the course is at your own pace, you can complete all the course units in order, or select only the areas on which you want to focus to prepare for the IELTS academic tests. By completing this course, you will feel fully prepared to pass the IELTS academic tests.

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Students who choose the verified registration for this course will have access to additional material provided by the IELTSx course team.

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