International Scholarships for Women

International Scholarship for Women in USA 2020

International Scholarship for Women in USA 2020

In the United States (US) universities, the International Scholarship for Women (ISW) will be awarded to women for full-time research or study. In recognized institutes in Canada or the United States, both graduates, as well as postgraduate studies, are supported as part of this scholarship sponsored by SheBegan Women’s Magazine. Since 1998, an international scholarship for women (ISW) has existed. The International Scholarship Program for Women (ISW) offers sponsorship to women studying full-time at the graduate, university or postdoctoral levels in the United States. The scholarships for funding for full education are offered to women from all countries other than Iran, to study in American universities and exemption for women, they are members of the institution ISW.

The first preference will be given to women who demonstrate a prior dedication to charity or voluntary work for the empowerment of women in their specific fields as well as to women through professional, community or civic work.

International Scholarship for Women Sponsorship Coverage

International Scholarship for women sponsorship is NOT offered for the following purposes:

  • Fees for publishing a university research document
  • Scholarships for less than a full academic year or travel grants
  • Expenses of research assistants
  • Tuition fees for dependents
  • Purchase of laboratory equipment or experimentation
  • Travel to or from the country of origin of an above fellow once a year
  • Institutional expenses (overheads)
  • Overhead, arrears or repayment of previous loans
  • Indirect travel or conference expenses
  • Institutional expenses (overheads)
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Eligible women interested in obtaining funding for education in the United States have two chances in 2020 to apply. The deadline for selecting the first batch is April 20, 2020 and the deadline for the second batch is June 30, 2020. All applications will be selected first to screen eligible and deserving candidates at the top of the list, then candidates may receive call letters for online interviews to assess the final selection.

Women from all countries except Iran are eligible to apply for both sessions in 2020. Start here with your ISW scholarship applications.

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