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Canada’s Expression of Interest – A Step To Permanent Residence

Canada’s Expression of Interest – A Step To Permanent Residence

Applicants wishing to become permanent residents in one of the Canadian provinces will first show their interest by submitting an expression of interest.

The submission of an expression of interest is the first step that a candidate must take to successfully apply and become a permanent resident in one of the provinces of Canada.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will accept applicants who express an interest in immigrating through their program as a skilled worker living in Manitoba or a skilled worker living outside Canada.

Applicants who apply through the Manitoba PNP must answer a few questions about themselves and their interest in entering Canada to ensure that they meet the minimum criteria that make them eligible for admission to Canada.

Many Canadian provinces have adopted the  system for their provincial nominee program to replace the former first come, first served basis.

Applicants applying through the Manitoba PNP will be required to submit only one expression of interest. Once an applicant submits an expression of interest (expression of interest), the applicant will be registered in the express entry group.

Can an Applicant submit multiple Applications?

Submissions can be made online, and each applicant can submit only one EOI for the program. When submitting your Application, you will also need to create an online profile, in which you will need to provide information such as your diploma, work experience, language skills and skills.

Each expression of interest submitted may not last more than one year from the date of submission, after which it becomes invalid. Once you have submitted an Expression of Interest, a letter will be sent to the applicant, this letter is called the “Notice to Apply Letter“.

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Applicants who do not receive this letter after 12 months of submitting their EOI will have to create another profile if they still have an interest in applying, any modification made to your EOI will not modify or extend the expiration date.

Applications will be accepted by applicants who have received the application letter to prove that you have been selected from the EOI pool. Applications are collected strictly by invitation and only people with the highest scores will receive this invitation.


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