Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship at Torrens University, Australia

Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship at Torrens University, Australia

Would you like to be a designer? Here is an opportunity for you to apply for the Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship at Torrens University, Australia offers scholarships to people interested in design. The price covers 100% of the diploma and certificate fees and 33% of the Bachelor and Master fees.

The purpose of the scholarship is to create intelligent, creative people with practical experience. As a graduate of the Billy Blue College of Design, you will have the opportunity to land a paid job to do something you love.

As a designer, you will be your own boss, make a good living, and never have a boring day in the office. From fashion to brands to communication design, digital media design and interior design, we can help you find your way.

About the Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship at Torrens University, Australia

In 1987, before using Photoshop, the Sydney design agency, Billy Blue Creative, was looking for new and creative blood to work on their clients’ projects. So, they took the only logical step: open a design school.

It began as a magazine then grew to become a design agency, then a school and it is now a university created by designers for designers.

Today, the Billy Blue College of Design is renowned for its pioneering spirit and high employability in a variety of design disciplines, including brand fashion, communication design, digital media design and design. inside. Some of the best designers and speakers in the industry who work in leading agencies are responsible for course development.

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Through internships and work-based learning programs with live notes, students have the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s largest design companies.

You receive specialized design courses by designers for Billy Blue designers. Industry experts teach and mentor students by showing them the basics with industry-relevant skills and extremely practical career advice.

Billy Blue maintains close ties with the design industry, with opportunities to grow as a professional, to work on concrete projects in the classroom and to develop his own network of contacts and industry clients before the end. of his studies.

Level / field of study

Scholarships are available for postgraduate students, and the scholarship is available in one of the subjects offered by the university. The scholarships are held in Australia to study at Torrens University.

Eligible nationality

The scholarship is available to international students.

Scholarship Worth

This scholarship is open only to national students 18 years of age and older who wish to enroll in a full-time course at the Billy Blue College of Design campus.

Eligibility for the Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship

To be eligible for sectoral scholarships, applicants must provide a written submission explaining why you wish to undertake this program of study and one of the following:

  • Demonstrate that you have the ability to undertake studies at the required level
  • Have relevant work experience documented in a resume
  • Currently employed in the design industry
  • Have 2 x umpires of current employer / manager

How to Register

Please read carefully the guidelines and terms and conditions of our portfolio before applying.

  • Submit your applications to
  • Candidates MUST also register for the Billy Blue course they have chosen to reserve a seat. It will only take 5 minutes to apply.
  • Once you have applied for the course, you will be contacted by one of our course and career advisers.
  • After the closing date of the scholarship, you will be notified if you have succeeded
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Application deadline for the Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship

The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, May 13 at 11:59 pm EST, for June 2019 admission; Monday 19 August at 23:59 for the registrations of September 2019 and 23:59 at the AEDT Monday 20 January 2020 for the admission of February 2020.

Apply now for the Billy Blue College Of Design Scholarship. Torrens University is offering scholarships for those interested in design

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