5 Essential Things Students Need To Study In Canada

5 Essential Things Students Need To Study In Canada

5 Essential Things Students Need To Study In Canada

Canada is generally the preferred destination for many international students in search of quality education. Foreign students applying for a student visa to study in Canada must check to see if they are eligible to come to Canada.

The country offers great benefits and advantages for its students, for example; Canada allows students to work while studying, even without a work permit. You can work after graduation and it becomes easier to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

But before you can enter Canada to study, you must have essential documents. These documents are what you must provide before applying for a student visa to study in Canada.

5 Essential Things Students Need To Study In Canada

  1. A letter of acceptance from an accredited educational institution.
  2. A study permit.
  3. Proof of identity.
  4. Proof of funds.
  5. Sanitary coverage.

Acceptance Letter

A letter of acceptance from a designated educational institution (DLI) is the first element that every student must obtain before applying. One of the first requirements for a student to qualify for a student visa is the acceptance letter from a school in Canada. The school must have permission from the federal government to accept international students, which makes the institution a DLI.

A Study Permit

The Study Permit allows international students to study in Canada as a student at any designated apprenticeship institute.

In other words, to qualify for a study permit, students must show; their letter of acceptance, provide proof of financing, proof of identity, etc.

Proof of Identity

Candidates wishing to study abroad must provide authentic and valid proof of identity, preferably from the government of their country of origin. This would help the Canadian embassy to easily identify you and your country of origin.

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Proof of Funds

Before you can get a study permit, you must prove that you have the money to sponsor your studies. You must provide proof such as bank statements, tuition fees paid or a student loan from a bank. Funds must be sufficient to cover tuition, housing, transportation and other living expenses.

Health Insurance

Students must also provide health insurance for at least one year when studying in Canada. Many schools in Canada subscribe to insurance coverage for fees paid by international students.

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